The Day that…

…didn’t start off so grand.

The day that the whole apartment overwhelmed me with its disarray and I ate re-heated couscous for lunch only to find out couscous probably isn’t meant to be reheated.

The day that the dishes in the sink mocked me and made me irrationally angry.

The day that I let myself be irrationally angry with inanimate objects.

The day that I slept in too late despite my summer rules (dreams, goals, etc….still working on what to call them) and didn’t have time to do all I wanted to do before work.

The day that I didn’t want to do anything anyways.

The day that marked the almost-end of a week long time of the month that had left me feeling pouty, irritable, worried, teary, and frustrated.

The day that I huffed and puffed around my apt even when no one was there to huff and puff around.

The day that I realized I have WAY too much stuff.

The day that I toyed with the idea of marching into Mynt and yelling at them for taking my recycling bins away.

The day that pinterest and all its perfectness contrasted a little too much with my surrounding very un-pinterest reality.


The day that work wasn’t so bad.

The day that I got to go home.

The day that the simple act of driving towards MI was the cure.

The day that I got to hug these people.

melgrad 275

Silver linings friends…I live for ’em (especially when days like these creep up on you)

Happy Wednesday friends! I’ve been MIA for a while because I was out and about getting a NEW computer…and relishing in my silver linings of course. I had a great few days at home…somehow the chaos was just the rejuvenation I needed. Weird right? I guess thats what you get when you grow up in a family of 6.

Here’s to the beauty in the silver-linings…




Any thoughts?

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