Dear Old Wofford Hail

I said my goodbyes to Wofford a long time ago. But for 5 of my friends, today was their graduation day. And I know their goodbyes were a lot harder than mine.

First up, we’ve got Ms. Katie hailing from Charleston, SC…


Now that school’s out, as she waits to hear from MUSC’s Occupational Therapy school, she’s going to spend her summer as a camp counselor here in Charleston.

This girl has an easy going soul and I can’t wait to see where it takes her! (I’m also pretty excited she’ll be in Charleston this summer…if you’re reading this Katie, I would love to catch up!)

Next there’s Ms. Julia from Knoxville, TN…


Here she’s pictured with her long-time boyfriend Zach and is headed straight to PA school back home in Tennessee. Can you say dedication?

Ms. Julia is what you would call a jack-of-all-trades…not only does she consistently tap into her scientific brain, but she does a mean Jewel on the guitar and could totally switch to culinary if she wanted to.

I met both Katie and Julia freshman year through Ms. Alex…


(She’s the one with the brown hair and piercing blue eyes)

Following the same medical-themed track (boy do I have smart friends), she plans to take classes required for PA school and work back home in Myrtle Beach.

I met Alex right before our first year at Wofford. Having grown up just down the road from each other, it’s pretty funny that we had to go all the way to Spartanburg to become friends.

She reminds me so much of Leslie Knope and that only means good things. She’s got an incredible personality and I so miss the way she makes me laugh!

These last two are girls I have known for quite a bit longer…

First we have Katherine, who somehow managed to combine both Religion and Philosophy and is headed to Divinity school.


She was my roommate through those first 2 years, and before that she was one of my closest friends. She’s got the courage to live abroad and the big heart to do the good she wants to do. I know she is destined for great things!

Last but not least, we have Ms. Taylor…you all remember Taylor right? (Need a refresher?)


This girl is continuing to work towards her goal of becoming a doctor all the while planning a wedding. Her exact quote to me was “Doctors scribe for Doctor’s Care by day…Wedding planner by night.”

I for one am extremely excited to have her not in summer school for the first time in 3 years…I see only fun times ahead.

Congratulations girls! Together, y’all five make up the part I miss from Wofford. Thanks for loving me even when I didn’t have a personality.

I love you all back.









**Pictures are from FB**


Any thoughts?

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