Find the Beauty Friday ~ May 17th

**Find the Beauty Friday, a weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week**

Boy has this week gone by fast…

1. Danny having 2 days off in a row! (yes this always makes it on the list because it doesn’t happen very often)

2. Making the most of those 2 days off by seeing Iron Man 3 last night (totally recommend btw) and possibly Mud tonight. (If you can’t tell, we love movies)

3. It’s a beautiful day for the beach and I am up before 11am (plenty of time to hit the beach before work)

4. Dr. Karen Gaffney became the first living person with Down Syndrome to receive an Honorary Doctorate. (this one’s actually from last week, but I forgot to include it) You can watch the video here…I am blogging from the iPad today and can’t embed the video into the post. Needless to say this is pretty awesome.

5. Getting a free brittle basket at work last night…just because I am a “great hostess” apparently.


6. A great Tuesday, enjoying the sun and catching up with friends.

7. Two more nights of work and I get to go home for a few days!!! (lots of exclamation marks here)

8. It’s only the beginning of Summer =)

Where did you see the beauty in your week? Please share!


Any thoughts?

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