Dear Freshman Me

In the spirit of completing undergrad…

wofford 3

Dear Freshman Me,


First things first, do NOT buy the space-bags…in fact do NOT accept the “Bed Bath and Beyond College Check-list” that they are offering at every store in America. You are smarter than that…you’re going to COLLEGE for crying out loud. You haven’t realized it yet, but you’re being hoodwinked by consumerism…yea you’ll learn that word soon.

Getting dad to splurge on the mini-fridge with the freezer is a good idea though…everyone will be jealous you can have pop-ice in your dorm room…so there’s that.

You’re also headed to the wrong school…I probably shouldn’t even be saying this, seeing as making the decision on which college to go to is still stressing you out at this very moment…but yea, you’re headed in the wrong direction missy…I-26 W and the Upstate are NOT for you.

Don’t fret though, even though it’s the wrong school…you kinda have to put in two years there. I know, I know…I sound crazy but it’s all part of the bigger picture. See I’m from the future so I can say things like “the bigger picture.” You have to spend two years at Wofford…I haven’t necessarily figured out all the reasons why just yet but you do…it helps you grow or something like that, it’s one of those valley times in life. You’ll come out on the other side just fine though…maybe better than ever.

That’s another thing…please stop trying to figure everything out. For goodness’ sakes child would you not spend hours googling graduate schools and programs PLEASE?! I hate to tell ya but we aren’t going to grad school right away, we don’t even know what we want to go to grad school for…so just slow down.

And when you go to pick up that College of Charleston Grad School booklet in the Language Lab (because I know you’re not going to listen to me about the grad school thing) and begin dreaming of already being there…you should probably take that as a sign.

Please don’t pack so much. You’re not going to be as fashionable as you think, so you need about 1/4 of the amount of clothes. Those hall bathrooms aren’t too bad either, before you know it, you won’t even realize you’re wearing shoes in the shower and walking down the hall in a towel.

When you and Katherine try to go running on the first day of classes at like 6am and it’s still dark outside…just realize then and there that you really hate running and mornings…the two combined are unthinkable. And speaking of Katherine…as miserable as you get, please try and spare her. It’s a small room that dorm room, and your emotions are going to greatly influence the atmosphere. She’s a good friend and roommate.

me and katherine

dr. seuss

She’ll even dress up as Thing 1 with you…

Those Law & Order SVU marathons are super addicting…so you’ll get a free pass on that one. But you will finish your homework faster if you go to Milliken or the Library.

And good heavens child stop trying to read everything. They’re trying to trick you into thinking you actually have to read everything on the syllabus. Here’s the deal…read the introduction and find the conclusion…bing, bang, boom…move on to the next assignment.

And that Holocaust class you thought would be so interesting…yea, it gives you nightmares. So just be prepared.

I know you’re pretty worried about whether or not you can actually do college, you know…the assignments and stuff. Right now, the campus, the classrooms, the professors that must be referred to as ‘ Dr.’ are really intimidating. I get that…but you can do it, it’s not as hard as they make it seem. Don’t worry so much, you’re a good (enough) writer and that 8am History class isn’t going to be the end of you.

And even though the Dining Hall leaves much to be desired, you’ve got to eat more. You’ll get too skinny and people will start to worry.

If I must say, you’re going to have a pretty tough year. You and Danny both are going to rack up some intense hospital bills and you’ll be hurt by people you never thought could hurt you.

But you’re also going to meet some really great people. Get to know them better, trust them with your heart more, don’t be afraid to be honest, be bold, or be yourself. People like you more when you’re confident and not hiding behind your hair. (Side bangs do not fix all of your problems)

me and juila

alex and katie

It’s going to take you some time to realize this…2-3 years even, but you’re pretty awesome and you’ve got lots to offer the world. Don’t let fears and insecurities or other people’s opinions make you think differently. You’re actually stronger than you give yourself credit for and deep down you’re way more independent and capable than you think.

You’re going to transfer to CofC and it’s going to be an incredible decision. You’re going to spend your Junior year re-getting to know yourself and nursing your personality and confidence back to life. It’s going to work and by 2nd semester you’ll have signed up for two trips (one out of the country) where you don’t know a soul. You’re going to be terrified but you’re going to make new friends.

You’re not going to have a graduate school plan, or even know what you want to do, but you’re going to be mostly ok with it. You’re going to call it “beauty in the unknown” and you’re even going to write about it.

You’re going to be mostly fluent in Spanish and what you learn about the world’s problems will sometimes bring tears to your eyes.

You’re going to fall more in love with Danny (yes he’s the real deal) and together y’all are going to grow up a lot.

me and danny cotillion

me and danny times sq

And you’re going to realize just how much you love and cherish your family.

melgrad 275

You’re going to be happy.

(and yes, you’re going to graduate)

2013-05-May10-11-MorganCollegeGrad 413

I love you little Freshman munchkin’ you’re super overwhelmed and a little lost, but I love you…

-Future & Graduated Me

**Dedicated to those who got me through Freshman year…Mom, Dad, Taylor, Katherine, Julia, Katie, Alex, Stephanie, Molly, & Danny.**


5 thoughts on “Dear Freshman Me

  1. Dear Freshman Mary Emily… did indeed give all who loved you quite the scare!! However, we knew you were going to make it because we wrapped you in prayer!!! We are so PROUD of you!!! You made it sweet girl!! You had to go to Wofford so you could “grow”! And that is what is so a amazing!!!! It has been an inspiring journey that you could share and bring hope and inspiration to others! AND, I would have been a nervous wreck if you had not been there to take care of the runaway bunny AKA TAYLOR! Also when you were hurt, y’all needed each other. WE LOVE YOU AND CAN’T WAIT FOR WHAT’S NEXT!!

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