Sing Me to Sleep

After a whirlwind weekend, an extravaganza even, coming back to my little apartment was like going from a rock concert to a library…an empty one. (How’s that for a simile?)

It’s been quiet…and dare I say it…too quiet.

All of a sudden there is no more food simulating Hogwarts and magically appearing on the counter-tops. There is no more Swamp People or Backwoods Boneheads to watch. (Actually I’m sure there is but I think I hit my quota for life) There’s no little sister somehow taking up my side of the KING sized bed. There are no more “3 people trying to get ready at the same time in the tiniest bathroom ever” sessions going on…no more mouse traps to avoid. And there are no more grandpas on a pink bike. There aren’t even brother fights to break up.

melgrad 106

melgrad 075

There are no more people.

We’ve all packed up and gone back to reality. And we all know how I feel about that.

Danny went to work and I, fueled by 2 cups of coffee (yes apparently I like coffee now…how adult-ish), entered transition mode which included deciding to put my new desk together despite the instructions telling me it was a 2 person job, and the TV, always the TV.

I’ve made no efforts in hiding my love for TV and can shamelessly state that I can get through a Netflix TV series faster than others might care to admit. (It’s ok y’all…don’t be ashamed)

And as much as I love TV, I have also found that I use it a lot of times as background noise. And it’s comforting, probably for the fact that I spent my childhood and teenage years living with a family of 6. Let’s just say you get used to the chaos.

It’s very rare for me to be in my apartment without the TV on. And it usually follows me all the way to bedtime. The past two nights however, while I have carried the remotes with me, the TV has stayed off as I fall asleep.

These past two nights I have let my thoughts sing me to sleep. I have embraced the quiet and stopped blocking out my thoughts with background noise. I reflected over the weekend and I have been sleeping like a rock.

I even got a blog post out of it (yippee!) so obviously this is super effective.

I think it’s important to allow yourself to be quiet sometimes…even if it is difficult for us me to do. Even in my quiet apartment, it is so easy to distract myself with the TV, my phone, or the internet that it is actually getting in the way of things I want to do and how I want to spend my summer.

I want to be reading, writing, and being creative. I want to be inspired and to discover beauty. I want to be making the most of each day.

So here’s to turning off the background noise and letting more important things sing you to sleep. Here’s to being the good kind of productive and feeling like you’ve filled your day with beautiful things.

Here’s to my family…who I love so very much!

melgrad 272


To brother arguments, to sisters who like to take up the whole bed, to siblings (and family in general) who sat through a very long graduation…

…What a great weekend we had!

melgrad 070

melgrad 258


Have you turned off the background noise? Do you let your thoughts sing you to sleep? Are you thinking you can blow through a Netflix series faster than I can? (challenge accepted)

Happy Wednesday All!




2 thoughts on “Sing Me to Sleep

    • Hahahaha definitely NO to ketchup! That one is staying in the ‘yuck’ category. Apparently I’m some sort of coffee drinking, ice-cream eating adult now. It’s weird.

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