‘Sorry this is Late’ Sunday

If you’re one of those people who starts their week on Sunday, like the people who wrote that days of the week song, then I am really really late on this. But if you’re like me, and Sunday always represents the end of the week, then I am actually still getting this in before the week officially ends…albeit late and on a technicality.

Welcome to Find the Beauty Friday – Sunday Style friends, a weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week.

1. Lots of free time, not that I did a lot with it…but sometimes that is beautiful all in itself.

2. Reminding myself how to have fun with just me, myself, and I – thanks Mickey Graduation Ears that I wore ALL day on Friday…even while running errands alone. (Think Office Depot, Party Supplies, Wal Mart, and Walgreens)


3. Being with my dad on his birthday.

4. One of the most important anniversaries that exists happened this week.


5. Bringing peace to Murrells Inlet at the Blessing of the Inlet




6. Knowing there is Half-Baked sitting in my freezer at this very moment waiting to satisfy my snack craving.

7. Seeing this guy in a suit. (Even if he did have struggles with his kangaroo tie)


8. Danny having two days off in a row!

9. Enjoying the Charleston Affair together.



10. Having a fun-filled Sullivan’s Island – Family – Graduation – Danny’s Birthday – Mother’s Day – Weekend – Extravaganza to look forward to this week.

Where did you see the beauty in your week? Please share!

**And I am happy to say that while I mentioned earlier this week that my writing brain has seemed to be in off-mode lately, inspiration has slowly but surely been finding its way back…look for new posts soon!**

Here’s to this blanket of gray clouds and rain moving on outta here very very soon!




Any thoughts?

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