My writing brain has seemed to be in ‘off’ mode lately…in fact, the only thing I wrote today was an introductory email to my friend Taylor’s bridesmaids and apparently that took a lot out of me.

After all of the initial excitement I experienced from turning in my last college assignment this past Wednesday, I seem to have entered a bit of an adjustment period. My schedule has drastically freed up, and I find myself missing Danny (whose schedule has not changed) even more.

I am going on year two of learning how to be comfortable alone and how to have fun by myself. Being that I have spent so much of my life constantly surrounded by other people and their opinions/ideas that it has taken a while to RE-get-to-know me, myself, and I. And while it’s amazing how far I’ve come, all of this new free time has definitely thrown me a curveball.

So even though I am kind of flailing around, veering a little from my “beauty in the unknown” mantra, and watching a lot of “Whose Wedding is it Anyway?” on Netflix, I am determined to figure this out and make the most of everyday…even if I am spending a lot of it solo.

I’m sorry if this sounds like I am complaining about having nothing to do, or having too much free time. I promise you that is not the case. I am really excited about it and understand just how precious it is.

I am also fully aware as to how much of a contrast this post is from last Thursday’s, where I was too giddy to even spell things correctly. And all I can say to that is…welcome to my life. Emotions are worn on my sleeve (or maybe even my entire shirt) and they change very often.

Have you experienced anything of this sort? Or am I just a lone-crazy woman airing my somewhat insecure side to the world? Or are you still in the middle of exams desperately in need of some free time to yourself and wishing you could give me a nice smack through the computer screen?

Whatever the case, being honest with myself and with y’all is refreshing. And even if it is a little difficult sometimes, getting my thoughts out like this makes me feel lighter. So thanks for being a sounding board tonight.






(Some pics for you AW and Cain – miss you and love you both!)


4 thoughts on “Adjusting

  1. I miss you too! You are so awesome and you should come home so we can hang out and watch New Girl. Or bone (which ended so annoyingly) well I love you and hope to see you soon!!

  2. I LOVE that you can freely express yourself. I am so leery of -those- who are so guarded and mask their “LIFE” as if they have no feelings or emotions!! Now -those- actually scare me, haha 😉 Expression is “living”! Your blog allows me as always to be forever inspired and the “voice” of your writing is soothing in so many ways on so many levels. It entices me to “feel”!
    So surreal you and Taylor are graduating from college!! …..aggghhhh

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