Find the Beauty Friday ~ April 26th

**Find the Beauty Friday, a weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week.**


Let’s just say that this week has been about a thousand times better than last week and I have lots of beauty to share with you!


1. First and foremost, I AM DONE!!!  Yes, I did in fact turn in my last thing as a college student on Wednesday. You can read more about it here.

photo (86)

2. Trujillo reception at the President’s House today.

3. Date with this guy last night!

photo (89)

4. Finally back to blogging.

5. Seeing all of Danny’s hard work come about in this awesome dinner menu he created!

photo (85)

Obviously, I am SO very proud =)

6.  Dinner with three lovely ladies last night at the one and only iHop

photo (92)

photo (91)

photo (90)

(A TOTAL feast)

7. Knowing that I finally have time to clean my apartment this week.

8. Surprise birthday/graduation package from Colleen!

photo (87)

photo (88)

9. It’s SUMMER !!!! (And I can’t wait to hit the beach!!!)

Where did you see the beauty in your week??? Please share!

Happy Friday All!




Any thoughts?

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