The Other Side

I write to y’all tonight from the other side. (And with Lizzie McGuire playing in the background…woo late night Disney!) After 17ish years of schooling, today I turned in la ultima cosa (the last thing) and if you must know, it was a ‘trabajo final’ for my 400 lvl Spanish linguistics class. Can you say ugh??? I can…and did (along with some other choice words).

I feel like it’s been a year since I’ve been on here. The place I love so much. This has quickly become my happy place, where I can connect with people and share things. It’s therapeutic and fun. I even started writing this post last night (hence the above mention of late night Disney) but got too tired to finish it.

So how does it feel to be done with college you ask?

It feels like turning the music up loud and screaming (or wooing if you will) as I drove down 17 yesterday, it feels like watching the Food Network in the MIDDLE of the day and taking a 2 hour nap (oh how i’ve missed you), it feels like being in completely rare form when I met William’s new other half, it feels like dancing and singing to my mom’s Grease album on the record player and learning how to peel an apple, it feels like watching my first ever episode of Duck Dynasty with my whole family and getting totally hooked. It feels like waking up to Myrt already being at my house and actually getting her chat with me sitting down. It feels like singing “Goodbye Earl” in the shower and enjoying lunch and crushed ice at the Apothecary. It feels like Danny having the day and night off today.

It feels freaking awesome!

Linguistics, I will never ever miss you.

And to all of those still in the throws of it all, writing 25-page thesis’ and whatnot, I feel for you. But the light at the end of the tunnel is SUPER bring and SUPER warm!

And to the adults/other readers wanting to ask me what’s next…my answer to you is I am going to sit on the beach and it’s going to be amazing.

photo (84)


(Hello Countdown chain that is now taller than me…I love you)

Have a great Thursday!




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