Yesterday. Today.

Yesterday I spoke about peace.

Today there were bombings in Boston.

This world is a tough place to be sometimes. And some days,  the issues we’re facing overwhelm me to the point where my heart just aches. And the fear and worry I try so hard to keep at bay threaten to cripple me.

Days like today, for example.

Today I wanted to be completely irrational. I wanted both me and Danny to not go to work. I wanted to be with my family despite having school and mounds of homework. I just wanted to be all in one place.

To the people of the Boston Marathon and everyone affected, my heart and prayers are with you today.

To whoever did this, I’m sorry that there is hate in your heart. I’m sorry that somewhere along the way you were probably hurt very badly or that  you didn’t get the help you needed earlier on. I’m sorry that you may have gotten caught up in an extremist point of view.

And to my readers, if you’re the praying kind, feel free to join me in praying for the peace and compassion the world is so desperately crying out for.


Hug your loved ones tonight.



One thought on “Yesterday. Today.

  1. My heart and prayers are,with those in,Boston! And like you,said Mel, my prayers are with the person or persons who are responsible. We are in a troubled world, but I truly believe like you we can spread peace beginning with our neighbors. 🙂

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