“Share Your Story”

Blogging for me is about connecting. It’s about sharing little stories about your life that make people go “oh she does that too?” or “oh I also feel that way sometimes!” We all have stories, and we all can learn a little more about other people and ourselves by sharing them.

As an attempt to connect more with y’all (my readers) and to create more of a community on the blog, I have come up with what I’ve dubbed “Mel and La Vida Bella’s 1st Annual ‘Share Your Story’ Challenge.” (rolls off the tongue doesn’t it?) Look, I even made this sweet logo… 

Essentially, this is a chance for me to feature some guest posts written by some pretty awesome people. You guys! This year’s topic is Beauty in the Unknown. If you’ve been reading from the beginning, you may remember this post I wrote about 1 week in on the same topic.

If you have your own Beauty in the Unknown story, and feel like getting it down on your computer screen, then I invite you to submit your story to melandlavidabella@gmail.com to be shared on the blog. Use whatever writing style/format is most comfortable for you, whether it be a poem, first person narrative, or even a list. And feel free (and encouraged!) to include pictures as we all know blog posts are so much better with pictures. =) Also, in the email, include a little bit about yourself so I can introduce you to the other readers as your post goes up.

I am super excited about hopefully getting some submissions, and I will share them on the blog as I do. Seeing as this is my very first attempt at anything like this, I won’t put a time limit on receiving submissions…just send ’em in!

If you have any questions, you can reach me at melandlavidabella@gmail.com !!!

Yay for stories!




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