Pretty Day Musings

Today started just as you would expect any other Tuesday for a college senior a mere month away from graduation to start…with a missed alarm clock. (or one too many snooze buttons…the verdict is still out)

I woke up, I think it was, exactly 8min before I had to be in class. My first instinct, as it always is, was to just roll over and miss class…8am is wayyyyyy too early to be using my brain anyways. But since this professor has literally already dropped another senior from the class causing her not to be able to graduate on time, I knew better than to take any chances.

After I woke up for the second time today, this time at a much more reasonable hour, I started fresh and was able to completely enjoy this beautiful day.

I ate lunch on the rooftop at Mellow-Mushroom with one of my most favorite people (Eating outside totally makes things taste better), and participated in the magical Ben & Jerry’s free cone day.

Till 8 people…

Hello, lover.

I wore flip-flops and shorts (this time in public). And although it wasn’t cute, as I rocked no makeup & 2nd day hair in a ponytail. And my rainbows, clearly a little perturbed at me for ignoring them for so long, rubbed red marks on my desperately-in-need of a pedicure feet. It was a start. And I’ll totally take it.

Friday I’m even planning on getting into a bathing suit to do something about this whiteness I probably blinded everyone with today. We’ll see how that goes.

Summer, you are so close.

And even though as my countdown chain gets shorter and my things-to-do-before-the-end-of-the-semester list gets longer, I am happy for days like today. For days where I make the most of the sunshine (at least on the tail-end part of the day) by postponing real homework to write this post outside in the courtyard before the sun goes down.


Do you have any pretty day musings? Please share!

Happy Tuesday lovely ones!




2 thoughts on “Pretty Day Musings

  1. Well I enjoy the days when I actually go outside and ride my bike after 7 hours of prison. I mean it basically is prison you only get to go outside for “good behavior,” But anyways back on topic. I said to a friend today that i am actually so happy to be able to say it is “to” hot outside.

    Can’t wait to see you soon sis, I love you.

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