Letting Go of Perfection

Its been a couple of days since I posted…i had all intentions of writing both yesterday and Saturday night but exhaustion and allergies took precedence. Today, as a way to show my allergies who’s boss, I am picnic lunching it up in the courtyard at my apartment. I am also wearing shorts for the first time since September, so if you happen to walk by be sure to shield your eyes from the blinding white that is my legs.

Either Thursday night or Friday morning I read this article on Babble written by Kelle Hampton. In it, she talks about letting go of perfection. Specifically in her case, letting go of having the “perfect” child.

She writes of how easy it is to get wrapped up in the “perfection” facade that this world makes to look so real and how much more beautiful life is when you aren’t worried about it being perfect.

I have, as I believe a lot of us do, a subconscious desire for perfection. Logically we know it is unattainable, but that doesn’t erase those deep down ideas we have about ourselves. It doesn’t stop us from comparing our lives, our bodies, our relationships, or our children to other people’s or to things we see in the media. We all get caught up in the perfection facade and we miss out on life’s beauty because of it.

Life is messy, hard, and beautiful. It is a lot of things. One thing it’s not, however, is perfect.

We know this, it’s pretty much a universally accepted fact. So why are we wasting so much of our time and energy trying to make our lives the one exception to the rule? There is no exception.

For example, I’ve been sitting here trying to write the perfect blog post for some time now, and all its given me is a headache and a nice reminder of the word “irony.”

So as cliche as it sounds, just be yourself. And strive for true beauty instead of beauty defined by perfection.

Let’s let go of perfection and live a beautiful life anyway. 

Happy Monday lovely ones! Time for a quick nap before work…


**Sorry for the picture-less post Anna Wallace…**





Any thoughts?

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