Find the Beauty Friday ~ April 5th !!!

**Find the Beauty Friday, a weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week.**

**The exclamation marks in the title reflect my excitement over it being April…***

1. Ben & Jerry’s on sale will always be beautiful.


2. Successfully navigating the backroads of Mclellanville in the rain. (To pick up my brother Cain who came to visit for a couple of days)


3. Paying off a substantial amount of my credit card balance! (Thank you tax return)

4. My custom vintage inspired bathing suit is ready!!! I love Surcees!

5. Zia’s for lunch with Cain and Danny. (I was supposed to take a picture of this, but once again I ate everything before I could think to take a pic)

6. 2 1/2 weeks left of classes! (Can you say light at the end of the tunnel???)

7. Spring time weather, at least for the first part of the week. 


8. Flowers from my Dad!


9. Finishing my first week of sessions with my first tutor client.

10. Reruns of “New Girl” that make me laugh oh so hard.


Where did you see the beauty in your week? Please share!

Happy Friday lovely ones!





Any thoughts?

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