When Negativity Wants to Prevail

The past couple of days I have not done the best job at being my most positive self. And it seems that the only creative thoughts I’ve had have been frustrated ones. Frustrated thoughts that I try to turn into funny stories to share on here. 

Except, then I’m reminded that I am supposed to be finding the beauty. You know, for Friday. 

So when Easter Sunday came to an end and I had spent it working a double instead of with my family, I definitely wasn’t doing so hot at ‘finding the beauty.’

My breaking point happened about 5 seconds after I walked into my apartment. The dress I had been wearing since 6:30am had done a great job at allowing me to festively ‘channel my inner Easter egg’ all day, but was now cutting into my underarms in the most uncomfortably pinching fashion. 

All I wanted to do was get into my most baggy sweatpants and mindlessly watch “Say Yes to the Dress” reruns on Netflix. And that was the plan until I got stuck in my dress. Completely stuck. 


(The culprit. Pair it with a lavender cardigan and a yellow flower belt and you’ve got yourself an Easter egg) 

The dress is a lace sheath from the 40s and has to be treated with great care. And about mid-way through my struggle, with my face covered by the stomach part of the dress and my arms flailing around trying to figure out where to pull next, I remembered that my mom had to help me the last time I wore it. Oh hindsight. 

After about 5 minutes of struggling and a temporary moment of panic that my underarms were never going to be relieved of the pinching, I finally managed the right maneuver and freed myself. 

Y’all, I’ve never experienced a greater feeling.

Once the dress was replaced by sweatpants and I got some food in my belly, the negativity subsided and I let the night take on the mindless-ness I had been craving since the dinner shift at work started.

When my thoughts turned to blogging however, I realized that I was not in the right mindset. Y’all (my readers), even though I don’t know who is reading all the time, keep me accountable. The sheer fact that I’ve titled this blog mel and la vida bella keeps me accountable. And I must say, I am happy for this accountability. Nobody likes a ‘Negative Nancy,’ and whenever I find myself leaning towards adopting that persona, the thought of contradicting the title and purpose of my blog keeps me on track. It keeps me finding the beauty in the negativity, in getting stuck in my dress, in working a double on easter and in the not so perfect day. 

So even though it’s a little early in the week, here is the beauty I found amongst the negativity on Sunday –

– 1 1/2 hour break during shifts at work meant lunch with Danny and enjoying the sunshine at the battery.

– Sales at Harris Teeter

– And sleeping in the next day.


So thanks for keeping me accountable lovely ones. Here’s to finding the beauty in the every day, even when it’s difficult.

Happy hump-day! Spring is here!!!




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