A blog post without pictures? Ain’t nobody got time for that…

Apparently, especially not my siblings.
As I was just recently informed by both Anna Wallace and Cain, if a post doesn’t have any pictures, it is very likely they don’t read it.
Too many words, I suppose.
I’m definitely a fan of posts with pictures, but it is harder than you think. I am no natural ‘documenter,’ so making sure my posts are appropriately filled with pictures has definitely been an adjustment…
hence all of the filler adorable pictures of Dumbo. Which subsequently I am watching right now…let’s just say it’s not quite how I remember it. (i.e. Pink elephant scene) (Is that the right way to use ‘hence’ ???)
photo (49)
Hello there filler pic…
He can fly!
Anyways, I promise to do better at documenting with photos as long as you don’t laugh when they’re incredibly awkward mirror selfie pics like this one…
Do we have a deal? Great.
Hope everyone had a good Monday! I am exhausted and have had zero creative thoughts over the last 2 days due to being in work mode for far too long. So please forgive the lackluster post tonight. I promise to try and bring some spunk to your life soon.

Any thoughts?

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