Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day y’all! About a month and a half late.

On the real February 14th, both me and Danny worked. Me until 10:45, and him until 11:30. We saw each other for 20 minutes, on our walk back to our apartments as the day of love was ending.

It was super romantic. At least, it was for the 200-ish couples that dined at Carolina’s.

Determined to make the most of the the holiday, I decided to be as festive as possible for work.

v-day insta

Then my grandpa surprised me and things got really special.

valentines with papa(My Papa is the one in the red, festive dress runs in the family)

So Valentine’s came and went. And me and Danny planned to go out to a nice dinner together as soon as we had a mutual night off. Who knew that wouldn’t happen until March 28th?

We ended up dining at Charleston’s most romantic restaurant. So I think we made up for it. =)

photo (76)

I had my outfit picked out since V-day, so I was super excited to wear it.

photo (64)

photo (65)

Channeling my inner Dorothy

Yes, we’re that young couple who takes selfies and mirror pics while we wait at the restaurant that is way more fancier than we’re used to.

photo (74)

photo (75)

I just kept saying, I have to document this!

I like to call this one “Girlfriend pretending not to know her picture is being taken, or embarrassed by the flash going off.” (A working title)

photo (72)

photo (73)A lot of the menu was in Italian so there was a lot of concentrating going on.

photo (68) After dinner pic.

Tis the season to celebrate holidays on your own time…tonight I am celebrating Christmas with the Buckners. That’s life for ya.

Hope you all have had a happy Saturday! Mine included a trip to a new vintage store that I am TOTALLY in love with.

Love to you all and Happy Easter!




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