Confessions Part 1

So all of you true Usher fans out there probably already knew there was a “Confessions Part 1.” I however only knew of what is apparently called Confessions Part 2. Who knew?

And every time I tried to think of a title for this post the only thing that kept running through my head was “These are my confessions…” followed by “just when I thought I said all I could say, my chick on the side said she got one on the way.” Over and over and over.

While not a single part of what I am about to tell you has anything to do with having a pregnant chick on the side…for some reason I felt the need to share a little bit of what has been going on in my head the past hour or so. Which as you can see, despite having a Sociology exam, was just the lyrics of Usher songs and a debate about how to best incorporate them into this post. (holy moly I need to graduate)

The point of all this? I’m not sure there is one. BUT, I do have some confessions for you, all of my wonderful readers. I was originally inspired by this post by Flower Patch Farmgirl on things you should know about her, but mine kind of turned into a bunch of confessions. Maybe they’re one in the same…who knows?

I don’t have a roommate and I barely ever see Danny enough to annoy him (right Danny?) so I guess for some reason I just feel the need to put my human imperfectness out there on the internet for everyone to have access to. Subtle, I know.

So without further ado…confessions of a (no, not a teenage drama queen) girl named Mel who absolutely doesn’t want to go to class in 20 min –

Are you excited yet?

I do not hang my clothes up after I’ve worn them and they’re not dirty.

photo (61)

(look how close the hangers are!!!)

I HATE doing the dishes and sometimes my sink actually overflows with them. =(

(I actually had a picture for this one but I think I would embarrass my mom if I included it)

I look at FB on my phone while I am waiting for the computer to start up, when I’ll most likely go straight there on the computer.

Following that same theme, I use my phone while watching TV. Like I can’t be entertained by only one electronic.

I NEVER update Java…or any other updates that require me to restart my computer. It’s always, remind me later (in 4 days). Over and Over and Over.

I stay up until 1:30 am on a regular basis despite the fact that I have early mornings the next day.

I go to the grocery without coupons and without those reusable bags. Even though I have learned to use coupons and my reusable bag sits right by the door.

photo (60)


(As you can see it is also holding all of the plastic bags I keep accumulating. How’s that for irony? Don’t worry…they’re in there so when I actually do remember my reusable bag I can recycle them)

Things expire in my fridge before I have a chance to eat them.

I watch TV while I’m doing homework even though I know I would finish a WHOLE lot faster without it.

I will not be bikini ready by memorial day. Even though pins on pinterest tell me differently.

I make really long To-do lists that sit in my agenda for weeks.

photo (58)

I pin WAY more than I actually do.

I take naps even when I write ‘DO NOT NAP’ in my agenda.

photo (57)

I can eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked a whole lot faster than I would care to admit.

photo (59)

I do feel a twinge of disappointment when I have a notification on FB and it’s an mass invite to an event not even in my city.

And I did consistently rock out to these 3 songs in the 5th grade (although I did just learn that Shaggy was never singing the parts I thought he was)

Shaggy – “Angel”


Lou Bega – “Mambo #5” (Actually, I rocked out to this entire album)


Uncle Kracker – “Follow Me” (Even preformed this one…)


And then of course there are the big things…like how I am concerned about the environment but really love to take long hot showers. And how I am shy and awkward sometimes to a fault. There’s more, I know.


So BOOM there you have it…my confessions, or things you should know. I am sure this post is in desperate need for some concluding remarks that tie this randomness together and make some overarching point about life, but I have a date to go get ready for. Yes. You read correctly, a DATE!!! So obviously there is absolutely NO time for concluding remarks and musings about the bigger picture. I’ll leave that to you.




2 thoughts on “Confessions Part 1

  1. I was rolling on my bed laughing as I read this!!! The dishes… completely true!! but my favorite was things expiring in your fridge hahaha!! When I lived in your apt this past summer, I would rummage around to see what I would need to buy when Phillip came over to cook and I would be like “oh there is this, no need to buy it” hahaha turns out it was like 3 months past the expired date hahah! and I would do that all the time. I should have learned.

    but all these imperfections is why I love you. because if I were to make a list of mine… it would be like “the song that never ends, and it goes on and on my friend!”

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