A is for ________

**Don’t worry, there are no spoilers for those of you who haven’t sold your soul to the netflix yet**

Seeing as I dedicated pretty much my entire weekend to finding out who ‘A’ was on PLL (Pretty Little Liars), it seems only fitting that this post follow that same theme…which, I warn you, is neither deep nor insightful. But then again, neither was my weekend.

And without further ado…

My ‘A-Tastic’ Weekend

A is for anonymous. – Texts from ‘A’

A is for absorbed. – Me, in Season 2

A is for addicted. – Me, to PLL

A is for amateurs. -The girls on the show

(Have we not learned to turn on the lights and not leave our cell phones and laptops lying around?! And seriously, why must everything have to happen at night and in the woods?)

A is for awesome. – ‘Netflix-watching’ weather

A is for afraid. – Me, about 100 bajillion times during the last few episodes of the season.

A is for awake. – Me, until the wee hours of the morning.

A is not for academic. – Seeing as I did zero HW this weekend.

A is not for active or athletic. – No rainy ColorMeRad 5k for me

A can also be for work, tacos & ‘West Wing,’ Mellow Mushroom for dinner, Saturday night dancing with great people, and tutoring.

How was your weekend? Any crazy Netflix binges you want to talk about? Or maybe a deep and insightful story to counteract this nonsense?

Please share! …unless it is anything about season 3 =)

Happy Monday!




4 thoughts on “A is for ________

  1. YEAAAAAAH! dancing with great people includes meeeee!! lol hahaha! I am SOOOO glad you finally got hooked on this show lol. now we can watch the season premiere this summer together. get ready for june 11!! let the countdown begin!

  2. I’m a little late on these. I’m catching up on your blog posts (which I absolutely love by the way), and I thought I’d mention my latest Netfix obsession, One Tree Hill. I’m almost done with what I believe is the last season, and I heard you got to visit the set a while back! I’m SO jealous!

    • Haha I watched one tree hill when it first premiered and was absolutely obsessed during middle school and high school. For my 16th birthday my parents took us to Wilmington to visit the set and it was awesome!

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