The Art of Salvaging

Something quite upsetting happened to me yesterday…something I hold very dearly to my heart and work hard to include in my everyday life betrayed me. Betrayed me like I was just some random nap-loving girl…ignoring the relationship I thought we had carefully built up over the years.

Yesterday, ‘nap-sleep’ betrayed me. It was like a knife in the heart.

Here’s what happened:

Every Monday and Friday when I get back from my volunteer placement, I like to feel like I must take a nap. This Friday was no different except for the fact that Danny had the whole day and night off and we had plans to go to lunch and hang out before I had to go to work. I got back early enough from volunteering, that there was still time for a little nap before our lunch date. The last time we had a lunch date on a Friday, Danny strolled into my apartment at 1:30 and served as my alarm clock. Thinking this time was no different, I snuggled up with Dumbo in my bed and did not set an alarm. I repeat…I did not set an alarm.

So…3 1/2 hours later  =( with two texts from Danny sitting unread on my phone, I woke up. At 3:11 pm. And thus began the battle between salvaging the time we did have left for a lunch date and succumbing to the ‘ugh’ emotions of disappointment and frustration that were threatening to ruin my day.

Any guess at what was winning?

photo (6)

(Here’s some evidence for ya…Danny was a little too quick to throw Dumbo under the bus if you ask me.)

As you can see, I was in full ‘everything is ruined’ mode. And once those emotions take hold, they are extremely difficult to shake off.

As we were walking down King St., me warring in my head with logic and emotion and Danny trying to make things as positive as possible the odds did not seem to be in my favor for making the most of the day.

I’ve mentioned before that sometimes I struggle with making the most of the time me and Danny do have together when I’m always wishing for more. (Example A) But I do know how important it is to enjoy the little things. Like the lunch date that got a late start.

So yesterday, I had to pull all of my logical reasoning together (which is not that much being the emotional creature that I am) and salvage the rest of the day. And after seeing a parallel between me and the 5-yr-old girl we passed who crossed her arms, stomped her foot, and whined to her mom about going into a store I decided that the day absolutely MUST go on. It had to be salvaged.

We had a very good lunch that included sweet potato casserole, trying Gorgonzola cheese for the first time, and good conversation that wasn’t rushed.

The art of salvaging is a complicated thing…but an art that must be learned nonetheless.

How was your Friday? Any salvaging going on? Or a war between logic and emotion perhaps?

I sure hope salvaging prevailed and that you’re all enjoying your Saturday. Mine has been rainy and lazy, but sometimes those are the best kind.

And I can’t stop watching Pretty Little Liars!!! Why are they in the dark so much?!?! I mean seriously…cut on some lights!

**As for me and naps…we’re working things out**




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