Declared Productivity

Today, in my agenda, was officially deemed productive wednesday. Seriously. I actually wrote “productive wednesday” down on today’s date.

photo (53)

(And just in case you cared enough to  be skeptical…)

I’m really no stranger to officially declaring days ‘productive.’ Back in high school, I once wrote ‘productive tuesday’ on my wall calendar which was followed up by my friend Isley writing “I hate productive tuesday” over it in sharpie so that we could hang out.

I’m just not one of those people who is good at doing productive things a little bit each day. Like cleaning for example. I’m more the kind of person who likes to let her life get completely out of hand and then spend one entire day getting it back in order. It’s just how I function.

So today was ‘productive wednesday’ and I cleaned my apartment.

photo (50)

Clean apt. = happy Mel

photo (51)

Dumbo totally digs his new home!

You’ll just have to imagine the before pictures…I’m not trying to voluntarily embarrass myself.

I think I finally get what my mom has been telling me all these years about a clean room, house, or apartment making you feel better or relieving stress. Sorry it took so long mom…

Oh yea, and I made this too…

photo (52)

Paper countdown chains are the newest ‘it’ thing didn’t you know?

How has your hump day treated you? Any productivity? Please share!




Any thoughts?

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