Excitement Lately

So it finally happened. I finally went a day without a new post. I knew it would happen eventually, but I was feeling pretty excited that I had something to share everyday.

Unfortunately, the excitement in my life took a bit of a nose-dive when I got home from Florida. That is, unless you count changing my mycharleston password for the bajillionth time and catching up on homework exciting.

However, it hasn’t been ALL dull…I have discovered that Dumbo is the most perfect size and fluffiness for cuddling as I go to sleep, and that my new Donald Duck pen writes exceptionally well.

photo (47)

(Totally worth the $4.95…)

Plus I bought three cans of green tea last night, so there’s that.

photo (48)

(Happiness in a can)

The past couple days could definitely have been more exciting if I didn’t feel the need to stay up till 1:30am watching Pretty Little Liars on Netflix and then catch up on sleep with a nap after my 8am.

And speaking of PLL…why didn’t anyone tell me not to watch that show alone, late at night, & during a thunderstorm???!!! I had to follow season 1’s finale with an episode of Say Yes to the Dress just to unwind and prevent scary ‘black-hooded figure’ nightmares which only added to my tiredness this morning. (Don’t ask why I consciously make such bad sleep decisions…I don’t even know)

So here’s to the mundane and pretending it’s exciting! How was your Monday and Tuesday?

Dumbo sure hopes they were exciting!!!

photo (49)

(And for those of you wondering when the heck I am going to stop being obsessed with this adorable little creature, and stop posting photos of him…the answer is probably never.)




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