No Thanks Reality

We made it back from Disney safely, and now it is back to reality. =( It’s amazing how swiftly reality starts to creep up on you on the drive home when you all you’re doing is trying so desperately to hold onto vacation…making it last as long as possible.

For me, reality came creeping back right around Savannah when the sky no longer had that ‘Florida year-round warm’ look to it. All of the homework I brought but didn’t do started to yell things at me from the trunk where I had strategically stashed it as far away from my seat as possible. I kept looking at Dumbo for help, as if he could magically aparate me back to the Fantasmic show at Hollywood Studios. (I may be 21, but I still hope everyday that magic will decide to exist in my muggle life) Sadly Dumbo is simply just a super cute plush toy with no magical portkey or aparating powers and I still ended up in Charleston with a bunch of homework to do.

photo (45)


photo (44)

You’re absolutely never too old for stuffed animals.

So now it is back to school, back to work, back to seeing Danny sporadically and for only snippets at a time. It is back to reality, and all I can think to say is…no thanks.

**Anyone follow ‘back to reality’ with ‘oh there goes gravity’ every time they think, write, or say it?   I guess I can thank my hip-hop loving boyfriend for that one.**

Take me back to Disney…to my value resort, to overpriced eating & dodging strollers and rascal scooters, to disneybounding & minnie ears being a totally acceptable fashion choice…

I’m looking at Dumbo for assistance again but it seems I am still a muggle.

And since I cannot go back, I will instead enter total countdown mode for graduation. Currently, 54 days…16 hours.

I hope you all had a great weekend! And a great St. Patty’s day celebration! (I was still festive even though I was in the car all day)

photo (46)

Can you say, “awesome neon summer hat?” Thanks Target!

I must go now…reality is calling. There is homework to be done, and more importantly…paper countdown chains to be made!

And I’ve got cookie dough and milk that doesn’t expire for two days, so things are definitely not so bad!




3 thoughts on “No Thanks Reality

  1. Hey Mel, it’s Miss Sutcliffe! I was also at the most magical place on earth this weekend! I wish I would of known you were at the Magic Kingdom the same time I was. It would of been so cool to see you and meet Danny. Random sunburn, Mickey shaped ice cream sandwiches, and Minnie ears were also a part of my Disney trip. You really are never too old for a day of Disney. Loved your outfits, ADORABLE! Still can’t believe you are about to graduate….so many more “magical” events to be had! Sending you best wishes as you count down the days! xoxo

    • Miss Sutcliffe! I can’t believe you were there this weekend and I didn’t know it. I was telling Danny on the trip down that every time I go to Disney World I see someone I know and then on the way back it hit me that this was the first time it hadn’t happened. But I guess it still rings true because you were there! It was pretty crowded wasn’t it? But I loved every second of it and could have stayed for at least two more days. There is just something about Disney. I am so glad you had a good time, thanks for reading!!!



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