Away We Go

And we’re off! We’re off to the “Happiest Place on Earth!” Or at least we will be in a couple of hours.

**I apologize for the tardiness of this post too, today has been a super busy day**

I must say, this is the first trip I have ever planned on my own…as in, not with any help with organizing from my parents. Can I just say that it is more than a little stressful?

I have gone through about a billion different emotions today…only a slight increase from my usual million. I’ve gone from super excited to excited/anxious to stressed. And each emotional switch happens within a matter of minutes.

My most recent switch from super excited and feeling completely organized and like I have it all together to stressed, anxious, with a stomach ache happened just a few minutes ago. When I called the hotel to let them know we would be arriving late…as in 3-4am late and the woman told me everything would be fine as long as we arrive before 7am. At 7am she said…we will cancel the reservation.

Now we have absolutely no intention of arriving at 7am but the minute the word ‘cancel’ came across the phone, I may have slightly gone into panic mode. And by may have slightly, I mean that I completely went into panic mode.

I am a natural worrier…as if that hasn’t already been made clear, so panic mode is something I am kinda used to. Trying desperately to avoid this all week, I have tried to cover every base.

For example:

-Car serviced…√

-Saving money all week…√

-Snacks and waters for car ride…√

photo (2)

-1-month free trial of Spotify sign-up…√ (for ultimate road trip playlists)

-Download Disney Apps…√

photo (1)

photo (2)

-Call CC company to let them know I’ll be traveling…√

-Online Check-In…√

-Purchase park ticket…√

-Print out ALL confirmations and stash in envelope…√

photo (4)

-Figure out money…√

-Actually CALL hotel to let them know our arrival time…√ (source of my most recent panic)

-Dinner for tonight in the crock pot…√

-And of course you can’t forget actually packing…√

photo (3)

Now if you’re a parent, or an adult, or just someone my age who travels a lot and has it more together, this list may seem sort of silly to you. So if you must…go ahead, shake your head and laugh at my nonsense. It’s ok…I won’t ever know.

And now that you’ve allowed me to vent, I will clue you in on a few more fun/exciting parts of the trip plan…

Which is basically the fact that I have decided to Disneybound while I am there. Don’t know what Disneybound is? Click here to experience it’s awesomeness.

Basically, Leslie Kay (the creator) creates fashion looks based on Disney characters…and earlier this week I raided my closet to create looks of my own based on her designs.

Any guesses as to who I’ll be going as?

photo (1)

Here’s tonight’s look…

photo (6)

(nice and comfy for the drive…any guesses?)

photo (7)




I’ve got more outfits planned, so keep the look out.

And if you’re the praying kind, feel free to lift us up as we travel.



**Images are from google, if not mine**


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