Workout Fails

Can we all stop pinning these pins?!

workout fail 3

The ones that say things like “7 day Ab Challenge…it hurts! repin now, look later,” or “Do this routine before every shower for a flat stomach in only two weeks.”

The ones that are first and foremost a picture of the woman with the perfect body. The perfect flat stomach, hair, makeup, and tan.

workout fail 4

The ones that claim to be the workout the Victoria’s Secret Angels use.

The ones that make us think that with a click of a button and a quick pre-shower jumping jack and running in place routine we will be transformed in just 7 days, into something like this…

workout fail 2

That, ladies is what I like to call false hope. Which we are all WAY too intelligent for.

And as intelligent as we might be…I still find myself repinning like crazy. When I see them, my first instinct is ooh! i want to look like that…PIN RIGHT AWAY!!! But then…three hours later I have 20 more workout pins to “read later” and my eyes are burning from staring at the screen and there’s no energy left to commit the workouts to memory, let alone actually carry them out.

Before I know it, I have an incredibly overwhelming board of fitness tips, workouts and fat-burning smoothie recipes just sitting there…mocking me. I mean, how many Brazilian butt-lift exercises can a girl pin?!

I’ve mentioned before that I absolutely hate working out. Plain and simple, I’m just bad at it. I get overwhelmed by all the different workouts and techniques, and what you need to do to get certain results.

And to me, Pinterest…as much as I love it…is making things worse. It’s like subconsciously we think by pinning the pin with the picture that we like most that the workout attached to it (if there even is one) will lead to us having the perfect body in the photo.

**I am using words like ‘we’ and ‘us’ because I am hoping I am not the only one a little disillusioned…however if you’re the workout queen, more power to ya.**

workout fail 1

(This one’s caption is “shrink your belly in 14 days”)

Anyone else out there having these struggles? Workout queens, do you have any tips? Anyone else feel like these pins are just as bad as those shake weight commercials?

shake weight

 Leave it to me to give you some serious thoughts to ponder on hump day.



**Images are from pinterest and google**


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