Monica & David

Do you have Netflix? Do you want to experience some love today?


Then go watch “Monica & David” as soon as you get a chance.

Ever since I read the book ‘Bloom’ by Kelle Hampton, it seems that my heart has been opened up to Down Syndrome, and the idea that we are all “more alike than different.” So when I stumbled upon this documentary on Netflix, it took me all of two seconds to hit play.

Things like this help to raise awareness, and as someone who didn’t grow up around down syndrome, it is nice to be more aware and to have my heart grow for these kids and adults with an extra chromosome.

Monica & David inspire me. And through their love for one another, I am reminded that a person’s capacity for love and compassion is not diminished due to what society considers to be handicaps.

monica and david

The world likes to tell us what is normal, but in reality none of us truly fit that mold. We all have our own little quirks, those things about us that make us different. Some of us even have an extra chromosome.

What if normal didn’t have to exist? Or didn’t have to be this standard we compared things to?  What would the world be like? Would having one extra chromosome mean as much? Would we be able to see how much more alike we are?

What if beauty took the place of normal in our heads…in our hearts?

Kelle Hampton speaks of this beauty, the beauty that trumps normalcy. In Nella’s birth story, she writes “my Nella, my special little bunny, my beautiful perfect yet unique girl will be my constant reminder in life. That it’s not about wood floors. No, life is about love and truly experiencing the beauty we are meant to know.”

The beauty we are meant to know. For me this happens when you decide to throw out normal and embrace the beauty around you. The beauty in the unknown, in the differences, in the extra chromosomes, in life’s weirdness.

So let’s stop trying to be normal and instead be beautiful. Let’s embrace our differences and find what connects us. The thought of it makes me happy, and maybe a little overwhelmed.

I’m rambling, I know, and at this point I am not quite sure how I want to wrap things up…

And as sporadic as this post has been, I feel the need to add the line of a song that has been playing through my head this entire time…

“They are precious in His sight.”

(We are precious in His sight. All of us.)

I encourage you to watch the documentary if you’ve got the time. It will do your heart good.

I also encourage you to read ‘Bloom’ by Kelle Hampton. I’ve already said it once, but it’s basically the best book I’ve ever read. It made my heart grow.

Finally, I encourage you to check out this website.

So maybe you’re sitting there scratching your head wondering what in the world this post is about…or maybe you just totally get me. But either way, thank you for letting me share with you. Being back in school is bad for the brain.




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