Riding in Cars with Boys

Or in this case, boy, singular. My boy. And not in any relation to the movie. (Sorry Drew Barrymore fans)

Just a car ride from Murrells Inlet back to Charleston with my boy. 2 golden uninterrupted hours.

Of course I was coming off of a super emotional weekend so I was probably in pretty rare form. (You can read more about that here and here)

**I even cried when hugging my mom and sister goodbye…haven’t done that since I used to have to leave to go back to Wofford**

So let’s just say that Danny was definitely in for quite the trip.


It’s been a little over a month now of opposite schedules and boy is it tough. Danny has been working over 50 hours a week and going to school. And as luck would have it…every week without fail, his days off are my days at work and vice versa.

last date

(Our last date, over a month ago at a Food Truck Festival in Marion Sq.)

At the beginning of the New Year we decided to alternate date planning each week. And while we were doing a pretty good job at it, life has kinda gotten in the way these past few weeks.

Obviously this isn’t the ideal. Not even close. But boy does it make you thankful for the littlest things. Like when I walk him to work, or we watch an episode of West Wing and share a plate of cookies. Or even something as simple as a car ride where we disagree over music and get to talk.

The thing is, life isn’t really ever ideal. It’s always busy and there’s never enough time for everything. It’s how you spend the time you do have that matters.

I struggle with this from time to time. I get to the point where I want the whole uninterrupted day for the two of us and find myself not enjoying the snippets of time we do have together.

And then I remind myself of the two years of long distance….the time when I would’ve given anything for just a moment together during the week.

It’s all about perspective. I am so happy to be here in Charleston, to be in the same city of the boy I love, and to have a car ride here and a walk to work there.

Life is about the little things. Haven’t we all heard that before? And we believe it, because it sounds right. And it is right, but it’s hard to apply it daily. But how good is it when you do?

me and danny beach kiss

(Longing for beach days on Sullivan’s Island)

Are you enjoying the little things? Do you find it difficult to do sometimes? Please share!

Happy Monday!




3 thoughts on “Riding in Cars with Boys

  1. LOVEDDDDDD this blog!! hahahaha it is so true!! and with long distance relationships i feel like it makes you more conscious to enjoy life’s little things!! haha wish I still had you here at Woffy but know you are so much happier down there!! love you and Danny

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