Dancing with my Dad

This has been such an emotional weekend. So emotional and full of love! First my best friend gets engaged, and then, me and my sister go dancing with our dad.

And after spending this Sunday celebrating with Taylor, I just now have a chance to sit down and reflect.

So as I sit here, enjoying an afternoon Eggo waffle snack with “Say Yes to the Dress” playing in the background, I write with a full heart.

For those of you just cluing in, this past Friday my home church put on their first Daddy-Daughter dance as a way to raise money for an upcoming international mission trip. As soon as the date was chosen, my dad texted me to mark the day in my calendar and make sure I was off from work to make the trip home.

photo (2)

(Dinner before at Lee’s Inlet Kitchen)

Honestly, I didn’t really know what to expect but I was excited to see how it all turned out. My dad was so excited that I knew it was going to be a good time, but I didn’t expect to be so completely taken over by love, happiness, and emotion as I was when I witnessed all that I did that night.

photo (1)

(Taken before any dancing had occurred, when the hair and makeup were still intact. And yes we are wearing tiaras.)

For me, the entire night was a night of mental photos. Everywhere I looked I was wishing I had a camera so that I could capture it all.

But since I was first and foremost a participant and can’t ever pass up a dance floor, I only have my memories to reflect back on.

Luckily, those are all still fresh on my mind. Here is what I saw:

-Grown men playing one role and one role only. Dad. No worries about impressing a boss or a group of friends.

– Men who needed absolutely no encouragement to get out on the dance floor.

– Men who drank only tea, lemonade, or coffee and had fun anyway.

– Men who only used their cell phones to take pictures of their daughters.

– Daughters with curled hair, wearing a little bit of lip gloss and a special dress. 

– Men who danced to Justin Bieber and tried not to sing along, even though they probably know all of the words from carpool.

– Dads and daughters of all ages. Dads with gray hair dancing with their now ‘married and momma’ daughters, and daughters who could only rest their head on their dad’s stomach.

– Dads who danced the entire time at the request of their daughter without complaint. (Or even a break)

– Dads with tears in their eyes as they danced the slow songs.

– Daughters who knew they were loved.

ddd 543

(Our own little solution to a three person slow dance)

In a time when there seems to be bad news around every corner and you constantly hear people saying “oh that’s just the world we live in nowadays,” it is so nice to see such good, and to have your heart feel glad instead of anxious or sad.

Love exists, good exists. It exists in this world, in this time. And if you ever needed a reminder of that, you only needed to step into the dance for a minute. One minute, and it would have slapped you in the face and squeezed your heart.

ddd 540

The emotions I felt this weekend reminded me not to let the world get me down, at least not to the point where I forget that things as special as the relationship between father and daughter or mother and son (parents and children) exist.

How nice it was to be reminded, to see so much happiness in one place, and have my heart woken up a bit. Y’all, life really can be beautiful.

ddd 550

(Feel no need to fret over the fact that my skin appears to be the color of snow. It is not an illusion, but I promise it is totally normal, if only my dad’s camera wasn’t so good at capturing details. Also, at one point my sister and I completely rocked it out to Katy Perry’s “Firework,” so we were looking pretty rough towards the end.)

ddd 551

When have you been reminded lately that life can be beautiful? And that love exists? Please share!

I hope this Sunday has been a relaxing one…




8 thoughts on “Dancing with my Dad

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  3. That was just beautiful Emily…..you are beautiful and Talented …your parents brought you up so well…Haven’t seen you in a while and hope you are doing well…you seem yo be….What a blessing!

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