Find the Beauty Friday ~ March 8th

Find the Beauty Friday…A weekly recap of where I saw beauty in my week.

1. This scene from Pretty and Pink.

2. A Wednesday with my mom including all of the following: her in Charleston, Zia’s for lunch, thrifting, & Target.

3. Total Netflix movie madness.

4. Lunch date and a walk to work with Danny.

5. Cupcakes from Coccadotts


6. Being home from Wednesday night until tomorrow.

7. Multiple no alarm clocks mornings.

8. Finding a new vintage place in Surfside (Thanks A’ma!!!)


9. Progress in Upholstery Class. (More on that here)

photo (1)

10. Going dancing with my dad tonight.

me and dad

Where did you see the beauty in your week? Please share!




One thought on “Find the Beauty Friday ~ March 8th

  1. 1. Manic Monday….a phone call from Phillip (engagement chatter)
    2. Eric coming back home Tuesday to work in the office for the week (pure joy)
    3. A note from one of my students who has made so much progress…telling me he loves me with a picture of him and me ❤
    4. Spending time with my "borrowed daughter since birth" ~ Mel Lee
    5. The "moment" I had to be told (Taylor was going to surprise me and come home on Friday) even though it could not happen haha
    6. Some special "moments" with God
    7. The ride to Mt. Pleasant with Eric full of excitement and anticipation breaths…
    Taylor and Phillip becoming engaged "officially" (such a special "moment", embracing a future together in a commitment), dinner at Poe's Tavern, coffee and green tea at a coffee house on Sullivan's Island

    *Mary Emily, I love reflecting on my week and celebrating the beauty of my week (my special moments in the midst of my imperfect progress) with you!! Thank you sweet girl for inspiring me to "journal" them! xoxo

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