The Importance of Eye Candy

Ok so I don’t necessarily mean the eye candy you may initially be thinking of. Although for the sake of things…

channing tatum


But now, to reel things in…the eye candy I am really talking about looks a little more like this…

eye candy 1

eye candy 3

It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that these are from my Pinterest, seeing as it is the queen of eye candy. It’s the reason we all love it, is it not?

eye candy 4

eye candy 5

Eye candy is something that I think we all appreciate. Maybe without even realizing it. Does anyone know what I am talking about? Like how when you peruse pinterest, window shop, or walk around downtown Charleston on a pretty day you just get this fluttery feeling? Its a feeling that can only be described as your response to eye candy. It’s nice, and it is oh so important.

eye candy 6

Why is it important you ask? For the simple fact that life is stressful and hard, and we desperately need those fluttery moments. Those moments that make us happy over the simplest of things. Over the exposed brick in the bedroom, the way a vase full of daisy’s (or any kind of flower) makes a room pop, or the beautiful color palate in the office with great windows. Or even over Channing Tatum’s eyes…haha, sorry I had to.

We need inspiration, and we need to see beauty. Otherwise, goodness, life would be dull. It may seem pretty silly that I am claiming importance of something called ‘eye candy’ but I can tell from my own experience that it makes my day a little brighter when I experience some.

eye candy 8

eye candy 9

So here’s to that fluttery feeling and to being inspired by pretty things and pretty colors. As I move forward into my future, I am definitely carrying the importance of eye candy with me. I’ve said before that I want to have a life that allows me to be creative, and with things like pinterest, home design blogs, and target around…I can’t imagine I will have too difficult a time.

What’s your take on this crazy notion that eye candy is uber important to our lives? Am I crazy? Am I making too much out of something little? Please share!

And Channing Tatum says have a happy tuesday!




Any thoughts?

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