Best Moment Award

So I was awarded the Best Moment Award by Moment Matters for my post ‘Going for It’ a couple of days ago. I don’t know exactly what it means or how I came to receive it. But I am pleasantly surprised and quite grateful to whoever out there in the blog world thought I deserved it.


(can you see my name at number 3???)

I feel a little silly dedicating a whole post to this, but according to Moment Matters, I am to recommend up to 15 more bloggers who also “live in the moment… and write and capture the best in life.”

And here they are-

1. Enjoying the Small Things

2. CuriousCreator

3. Connect: Flip. Cartwheel. Dance.

4. Today’s Letters

5. Flower Patch Farmgirl

6. Bucket List Publications

7. Back Porch Reflections

I know some of these bloggers personally, others only through their writing. Some I have been following for over a year and some I only just stumbled upon. However, all of them inspire me, and they all look for the beauty and the ‘best moments’ in life.

So if you’re reading this and have zero connection with Moment Matters, explore the links and maybe you’ll find a new blog to add to your reader. As I hope you do! And if you are connected to Moment Matters, I hope you enjoy these recommendations and thank you again for the award.





Any thoughts?

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