Sunday Lovin’

**Yes the post title is to the tune of ‘Summer Nights’ from Grease…how could I resist?**

There is something about waking up on a Sunday knowing there is no school week that follows (yay for Spring Break). Summer is so close, I can basically taste it…in fact if the high today wasn’t only 48 degrees I would probably be shouting ‘Spring is here!’ from the rooftops.


I slept like a rock last night and woke up when I wanted to. It has been a nice Sunday so far. I think I finally understand people’s coffee and newspaper wake up routine, except, for me it’s more cold green tea and my google reader on the iPad. Also, it usually happens a lot later than for all of you working world adults out there.

photo (1)

Hmmm, today is a good day & Spring Break is a good thing. Let the countdown to summer begin!

me beach reading

4th of july

xoxo, Mel


Any thoughts?

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