Going for It

How often do we go for it? Why is it so hard to do?

Last night I watched my 14 year old brother, Cain, sing, dance, and act his heart out on stage at St. James High School…the high school he will be attending next year. He’s in 8th grade, and he went for it. He stepped out of his comfort zone in order to have a new experience and tap into one of his passions.

He is playing Friedrich (one of the Von Trapp children) in the Sound of Music. And he is having the time of his life. He’s in middle school, middle school, and he is going for it. I am so incredibly proud that he is my brother.

working0201 655

(Friedrich and Marta)

working0201 671

(He’s the tall one in the middle here.)

The cast is full of people who never knew they could sing and haven’t acted before, two of which are playing the lead roles of Captain Von Trapp and Maria. They’re all going for it, and they’re killing it. It makes my heart so happy to see.

working0201 645

(Escaping the Nazis)


(Maria holding Gretel, surrounded by the other children)

Going for it is a hard thing to do. It means stepping out of our comfort zone, most times without your normal friends by your side. It means deciding to do something on your own, it means taking a risk. A risk that almost always pays off.

I didn’t go for it when I was his age. Middle school is so full of what I like to call aliens, that if you even have a comfort zone you are doing great. I had a comfort zone, I had a group of friends that I did everything with. And as I moved on to high school I held on to my friends, their comfort, and thrived in the area I had created for myself.

So much more comes from when you step out and go for it. You learn more about who you are and what you can do. And in my experience (when I did finally start stepping out of my comfort zone), going for it meant surprising and loving myself a little bit more.

off to spain

(This picture was snapped at the airport last May right before I left for 5 weeks in Spain. I didn’t know a single person on the trip. I was terrified. It was and incredible experience, and I made amazing friends.)


(Waterfall repelling in Costa Rica. I don’t do these kinds of things…I am the person who hates roller coasters. This is one of the most exciting things I have ever done.)

I think life is made up of ‘go for it’ moments and when the time is right we should take them. They make life exciting, and they help you live a full life…a life full of passion, confidence, and beauty.

So here’s to going for it and what it brings us. Here’s to being brave enough, to taking a risk, and to having things to be proud of.

I We love you Cain. You make me us so proud.

photo (4)


Have a happy Saturday all! And go be brave!




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