Find the Beauty Friday ~ March 1st

Find the Beauty Friday – A weekly recap of where I saw the beauty in my week.

1. Officially becoming a regular at a restaurant in Charleston. I say officially because yesterday I walked in to order take-out and the lady behind the register immediately said “Spicy Salmon and Shrimp Tempura?” while simultaneously ringing it up. Thanks for loving me back Charleston!

photo (2)

2. Successfully living off $20 for one full week. (Yep.)

3. This video. (Seriously watch it right now)

4. Today is the beginning of my Spring Break. Enough said.

5. Having a successful lesson with my ESL student. Woo for play-doh! (More on that here)


photo (1)

6. One full week of blogging, and still having fun.

7. Toll house cookie dough coupons.

8. Fuzzy socks and naps.

9. The sun finally coming out.

10. And this picture. (I love Downton…but haven’t seen season 3 yet, so no spoilers!)


Where did you see beauty in your week? Please share!

Happy Friday everyone!




Any thoughts?

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