A Creative Saturday

Scene: a cold and rainy Saturday in Downtown Summerville (which is so cute by the way and I’m dying to go back)

Action: Mom and daughter hurriedly try to find Marigolds so as not to be later than they already were to the Beginner’s Chalk Paint Workshop.


**did I mention it was raining?**

Despite the cold, the rain, and already being a few minutes late, everything turned around as soon as we stepped foot into the store. It was so warm and full of fun antique furniture and my mom and I immediately knew the trek was worth it. We were there for their Beginner’s Chalk Painting Workshop (which we kept referring to as furniture painting class). We learned all sorts of different techniques for painting furniture using Annie Sloan Chalk Paint.


(Doesn’t that brush look like so much fun?)

MAKandJiLL.com Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Color Chart

Y’all this stuff is amazing…especially for beginners (which we are). While I like to think that painting furniture is as easy as choosing your piece, your paint color, and going at it…there are many different facets to consider, especially if you want to give your furniture a certain look such as aged/distress or modern/high gloss, etc.

**For example, did you know that if you paint an oak piece of furniture and don’t shelac it first, the tannins in the oak will bleed through your paint job??** And while I don’t exactly know what tannins are, I definitely don’t want anything bleeding through my hard work. (See what I mean about there being different things to consider?)


(Yucky tannins bleeding through the white)

OK…but back to the paint workshop. First and foremost you should know that we were not painting with chalkboard paint  (common misconception). This type of paint allows you to TOTALLY SKIP the sanding and priming steps of furniture painting. Seriously. You can just start painting away. (Unless it’s oak, and then you should shelac it first…but still no sanding and priming) Then after it dries you coat it with either clear or dark wax depending on the look you are going for. (Don’t let the wax freak you out, it’s not a scary process)

Basically we were totally oriented into the ways of painting with chalk paint and we are both very excited to try it out on some of the pieces we have waiting to be painted in the garage.

**Click here to see a portfolio of pieces done with chalk paint on Annie Sloan’s website.**



Unfortunately I was too engrossed in taking notes instead of taking pictures (rookie mistake, trying to break the student habit), but I promise to document our personal experiences with the paint to let you know how it goes.

This Saturday was not only fun mother-daughter time, but it was a chance to be creative and learn something new. It was so refreshing to learn about something I am passionate about, and I can’t wait to put it into practice. I totally recommend this paint workshop for anyone interested in expanding their knowledge in the furniture painting department (and who isn’t?)…my mom and I truly had a blast! It was a great way to spend a Saturday.

Have you ever worked with chalk paint? Are you learning about anything you’re passionate about? Are you as much of a painting furniture supporter as myself?

**You can ‘like’ Marigold’s on Facebook to learn more about the shop, their classes, and see photos.**



**All images are from Google and http://www.anniesloan.com/index.html**


Any thoughts?

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