Happy Birthday Sister!


Today my sister turns 12, and I feel old.

I remember the day she was born. I was already the older sister to two boys and I was super desperate for a little sister. My parents never found out what they were having, so I was used to impatiently waiting for the surprise to be over. When my dad first walked out carrying her, the first thing I remember was that she was wrapped in a blue blanket. I just knew it was another boy. (**Note, I love both of my brothers immensely – but a girl needs her sister**) My parents swear it wasn’t planned…in fact I don’t think either of them noticed. My original fears were soon erased, and gracias a Dios I finally had a little sister.

Anna Wallace is super spunky, crazy witty and intelligent, beautiful, cooler than I was in 6th grade, and the bestest sister I could ever ask for. She plays basketball with the boys and is better =), and she is an awesome mix of childlike innocence and wise for her age. Plain and simple, ella es fantástica and I love her.





HAPPY BIRTHDAY SISTER! – See you tomorrow!


12 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Sister!

  1. Mary Emily…I remember when YOU were born…yes…the oldest! I was the first to get to hold you after your mom, of course. Now I’m really feeling old! Miss you guys! Amy P. (mountains)

  2. I also remember when you were born. It was a very long, long day & night. We were all excited & happy. Uncle Teddy took pictures of the wall!!

  3. Happy birthday AWL.

    Mary Emily, I was just telling a story this week at work about when you and Scott were little.

    I like your blog. Scott’s going to Seville for fall semester, and we hope to visit him so just in case we do I’ve started listening to Spanish CDs. So I’d say moi bien, but I have no idea how to spell it.

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