If you’ve found your way to this place, welcome. I’m Mel and I’m happy you’re here.

I live in a world of naps and chocolate chip cookies, am a sucker for a good Netflix binge, and am practically obsessed with my public library. I’m basically your classic introvert, but with a twist, as I do LOVE a good dance party. I get to share my world with my best friends as their wife, sister, and daughter and wouldn’t have it any other way.

After graduating from the College of Charleston in 2013, I spent four years teaching high school Spanish in North Charleston, SC where I learned how to Whip/Nae Nae and how to love kiddos like they were my own.

Now I spend my time as the Community Liaison / Buyer for Good Deed Goods out of Murrells Inlet, SC and am a champion of the fair trade fashion world as an Ambassador for Noonday Collection.

Ultimately, I want to live a life where I fight for the right people, love relentlessly and irrationally, and am brave everyday. And truthfully, I am still figuring out how to do that. In true introverted fashion, I have created this space as a place for me to write my truth and to tell my story as it unfolds. It is my hope that the words here help others to feel less alone in this beautiful and messy world and that I use my voice for the good of others always.

I hope this place is as good for you as it is for me.

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